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Our Programs

At Child's World Montessori School, our children are able to reach

their full potential through the use of the time-tested Montessori

method of education. This method, created by Dr. Maria Montessori in

the late 1800's, focuses solely on the individual educational needs of

each child, giving them their own unique curriculum. Our Certified

Montessori teachers are able to do this by observing your child's

interests and learning style, which allows them to design a setting for

your child's personal needs for intellectual, emotional and physical



Our mission is to see that your child develops a love of learning

that lasts a lifetime, and that they also discover a loving attitude toward

others and the world in general. Child's World Montessori School

believes that the education and development of your child occurs best in

a classic Montessori setting. One where they are encouraged and

challenged, but never hurried or hindered. Child's World Montessori

School has perfected this approach and has been one of the leading

educational preschool facilities in North Kansas City for several years,

and continues to lead the way with it's innovative, proven and

time-tested Montessori approach.

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