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Our Primary Classroom

(3 - 6 years)

Much like a sponge, your child possesses extraordinary powers of mind

that are referred to as "the absorbent mind."  At Child'sWorld Montessori

School we have prepared the perfect dynamic learning environment in our

Primary Classroom to capitalize on your child's deep desire to explore and



The "practical life" area in the classroom is where you will find the

youngest children.  Here they learn to sweep, pour, cut food, wash dishes,

as well as button and zip clothes.  They also join with the other children in

vocabulary sound games and singing and dancing during group activities. 

Soon thereafter, they are introduced to sounds, symbols, numbers, the solar

system and our continents through using the Northland's most

comprehensive collection of genuine Montessori materials.  This lays the

groundwork for them to begin reading, writing and performing simple

mathematics like addition and subtraction. 


The next step is when everything comes together and all their hard work pays off as they are able to read, print their name and perform simple math functions. And, as with so many children before them who have left Child's World Montessori School for public or private elementary schools, they will have a distinct confidence that a strong set of academic and social skills gives them. Most importantly though, they will have the attitude that learning is fun, exciting and endless.

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