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Child's World Montessori School

512 NE 107th Street

(107th & North Oak)

Kansas City, MO  64155

(816) 734-8804

"Thank you so much for providing a place for our daughter to grow into a confident young person!  For taking a child who only knew letter sounds and turning her into a true reader. This has been the most wonderful school.  I will never be able to express my full gratitude to the teachers and philosophy behind   your wonderful Montessori concept!"

                                 Expect More From Your Child's Education

At Child's World Montessori School our authentic Montessori approach is one that instills and inspires a deep love of learning in each child who attends our school.  We believe a whole child, hands-on approach in a nurturing setting provides the ideal learning atmosphere for your child.  If you expect the most from your child's learning experience, call us at 816-734-8804 and schedule a visit.  When you do, we are confident you will understand why Child's World Montessori School has become North Kansas City's premier preschool learning environment!

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"We have been amazed by what a loving, caring and marvelous place of learning and growing you have created with your Montessori school!  We are constantly amazed by what our four year old son has learned and the skills he is mastering, expecially in regard to reading.  Count us as deeply impressed by your wonderful staff of teachers!"

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